Assembly tool kit
A well-rounded conception

Assembly tool
Basic kit
  • for installing, removing, and checking sealing elements
  • the basic set contains a hook tool, a rounded screwdriver, a piercing tool, a wooden stick, and a diagnostic mirror
Assembly tool basic kit
Hook wrench
According to DIN 1810
  • for holding the piston rod in place during installation
  • available for diameters of 12-200 mm
ook wrench according to DIN 1810
Venting set with measuring coupling
Clean and simple venting
  • crucial for smooth processes and damage protection: Vent cylinders before the first use and after every seal replacement
  • clean and convenient venting without additional tools
  • the measuring coupling for the cylinder is available as a fitting connection to the venting set
Venting set with measuring coupling

Advantages of Hänchen installation aids and tools

Hänchen tools have no sharp edges. The groove cannot be damaged when replacing the seal.

With the installation aids, you can install new seals quickly and easily, including the recalibration.

With the venting set, venting becomes clean and easy.

The installation aids
Easy, safe, effective

Assembly pin - Rod

  • for gently inserting the piston rod into the cover
  • for recalibrating PTFE seals
Rod Ø
12 16 20 25 30 40 50
thread max. M 10 M 14 M 16 M 22 M 24 M 35 M 40
thread length max. 20 25 32 40 48 62 78

Assembly sleeve (A) and bushing (B) - Piston seal

  • the perfect combination for gentle, even expansion and insertion of PTFE piston seals
bore 25 32 40 50 60 80 100

Assembly bushing - Cylinder tube

  •  for gently inserting the piston rod into the cylinder tube and for recalibrating expanded PTFE piston seals
bore 25 32 40 50 60 80 100
Assembly pin - Rod
Assembly sleeve (A) and bushing (B) - Piston seal
Assembly bushing - Cylinder tube

Replacement parts for hydraulic products
Comprehensive consulting service and quick support

We're happy to help you anytime with any questions or challenges you might face - from the accessories to the equipment. Because we want to give you the best drive solution and smooth manufacturing processes for your individual requirements: by minimizing the time required for installation and maintenance, and providing the best functional reliability.

When replacement parts are needed they are usually needed urgently. That can be a problem if for example a hydraulic cylinder has been in service for many years. The serial number, embossed on cylinder and type plate, helps us to quickly process your request.


Replacement part service for hydraulic cylinders
Service - Overnight replacement part service

Our commitment to quality continues after purchase - for example with our replacement parts service. Firstly, overnight delivery with spare parts for hydraulic cylinders is no problem, secondly it is a matter of course for us. But how is it possible that even after 40 years suitable replacement parts can still be supplied? The secret lies in the production serial number referred to above, which facilitates the search for the originally built cylinder even after many years.

Replacement part hydraulic cylinder
Entire cylinders are also "replacement parts"

For this type of "replacement part" the same applies: On the basis of the production serial number each cylinder can be completely built again, in the same way that it was originally supplied, with all attachments and accessories (no problem for Hänchen as we can use the complete drawings). However - we cannot promise overnight delivery for complete cylinders. These take a bit longer.