Some figures:
  • established in 1925
  • 100 % made in Germany
  • more than 200 employees
  • sales EUR 20 million
  • 80 % vertical integration
  • 10 % of staff are trainees
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • direct export ratio 40 %
  • 14 % in construction and R&D

History of the company Hänchen
From hydraulic cylinder manufacturer to system supplier

Everything started in 1925 with repairing motors: Especially precise and long-living cylinders and crankshafts were needed. The solution was to hone the surface - a method we're still using today.

Our passion for robust and reliable products is the reason why we have been concentrating on hydraulic cylinders as our core competence since 1952.

With more than 200 highly motivated employees, we have been developing, testing and manufacturing innovative solutions for our customers – in our own research and production departments in Germany. We are at home wherever service life, reliability and availability matters – the best proof of this are our cylinders that have been running without failure for up to 40 years.

Hänchen's success story is still running smoothly. Hänchen's complete service ranges from personal consulting to the interactive product configurator HäKo. From the planning phase to the start-up. From individual cylinders and clamping units to entire drive systems. From standard to special applications.
Headquarter in Ruit / Stuttgart

The original Hänchen headquarters in Ruit near Stuttgart. In our certified company we create sustainable and future-oriented drive solutions.


As an independent family business enjoying a healthy and continuous growth, we provide our customers on the global market with high-quality custom-made products and services. We understand our customers and are, through our reliable and flexible solutions, a responsible competent partner. Values such as honesty, trust, and loyalty are the basis for our relationship with employees, customers, and suppliers. We have deep roots in our region and are committed to our social and ecological responsibility. 

Hänchen is THE specialist for hydraulic cylinders and drive systems Employees, customers, and suppliers are all part of THE Hänchen family.

Hydraulic cylinder supplier and more

1925: Founded in Penzig/Silesia

1925-07-01: Herbert Hänchen founds a specialized company for modern motor repair. By the end of the war, he has about 100 employees working on vehicle engines. From the very beginning, honing and fine machining of metal surfaces were crucial parts of the process.

Herbert Hänchen
1945: Moving to Naumburg/Saale

As a result of the war, the company moves to Naumburg/Saale, where Hänchen starts anew. 40 employees repair motors and build missing parts such as cylinders and crankshafts.

1950: Moving to Ostfildern Ruit

The company is relocated to Ruit near Stuttgart to escape nationalization by the GDR. Hänchen starts anew, this time in a barn. Soon, the first orders come in – repairing cylinders and crankshafts, producing high-precision parts for cars, and contract work such as cylinder honing.

Arms of the city Ostfildern
1952: Start of the production of hydraulic cylinders

The "hydraulics" sector gains more and more importance, and thus a future-orientated decision to build hydraulic cylinders is made. This product is characterized by its particularly high quality standard.

1957: Joining the VDMA & Hannover Industriemesse

Hänchen joins the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer (German Engineering Association).

Rationalizing efforts lead to the development of new fields of application, the hydraulics market is expanding, and Hänchen is growing along with it. The production program "Hydraulic Cylinders" is presented for the first time at the Hannover Industriemesse (Hanover Industrial Fair), where it is met with great interest.

Hannover Messe
1960: A new administrative building

The existing office space is no longer sufficient. A new administrative building is built.

Hänchen administrative building
1964: The Servocop® cylinder is created

The sealing system Servocop® is added to the palette of hydraulic cylinders. Servocop® is a special sealing system consisting of a lip seal and a teflon-based compact seal.

1968: A new production hall

The existing production facilities are no longer sufficient. A new production hall is built.

1969: Generation change

Herbert Hänchen, the founder of the company, passes away at the age of 69. His son Siegfried Hänchen becomes the new managing director, with his sister Ingrid and his brothers Wolfgang and Hartmut as limited partners.

1972: The branch plant in Oettingen/Bavaria is opened

Production in Oettingen starts with about 30 employees on 1,000 m².

he branch plant in Oettingen/Bavaria is opened
1975: 50 years of Hänchen

Hänchen celebrates its 50-year company anniversary.

50 years of Hänchen
1981: A subsidiary in Austria is founded

Foundation of Hänchen Hydraulik AG in Austria.

1985: A subsidiary in Switzerland is founded

Foundation of Hänchen Hydraulik AG in Frauenfeld/Switzerland.

1985: Change of company name
Herbert Hänchen KG is now Hänchen Hydraulik GmbH.
1986: Start of the engineering drawings via CAD

Hänchen starts to use CAD to create engineering drawings.

1987: A subsidiary in France is founded

Foundation of Hänchen Hydraulik S.A.R.L. in France.

1988: Dual studies system is introduced

Start of the "dualer Studiengang" (dual studies system) for MBA/BBA in collaboration with the Berufsakademie (BA) Stuttgart. Since 2009 Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW).
The study courses Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Industrial Engineering and Management) and Maschinenbau (Mechanical Engineering) are added over time.

1990: Sales office

Shortly after the German reunification, a sales office in Taura/eastern Germany is opened.

1996: Certification

First ISO 9001 certification.

TÜV Certification
1996: Introduction of the electronic catalogue

Introduction of the electronic catalogue (E-Kat) on CD-ROM.

E-Kat - electronic catalogue
1998: Website and e-mail

Hänchen establishes its web presence at and introduces the e-mail address

2000: Hartmut Hänchen becomes managing director

Hartmut Hänchen is appointed the second managing director of Hänchen Hydraulik GmbH.

2001: Business segment Ratio-Drive®

Drive systems Ratio-Drive® are added to the production range.

2004: A new name

Hänchen Hydraulik GmbH becomes Herbert Hänchen GmbH & Co. KG.

2007: New test cylinder series 320

Introduction of the new test cylinder series 320, with variably selectable pistons and modular system.

2013: New configurator - HäKo replaces E-Kat

The electronic catalogue (E-Kat) is replaced by HäKo, the Hänchen configurator.

HÄKO - New configurator
2013: A subsidiary in China is founded

Foundation of the subsidiary Hänchen (Shanghai) Hydraulic equipment Co. Ltd.

subsidiary in China
2014: The third generation

The company is given over to its third generation. Tanja, Stefan and Matthias Hänchen continue their family's lifetime achievement with the same pioneering spirits and the same passion for first-class quality.

2015: Business segment Machine Elements

Expansion of the production range by adding machine elements with the 3 categories:

  1. rods, shafts, axles
  2. guiding elements and sealing systems
  3. mounting elements
2015: Market launch & Innovation award of H-CFRP®

At the Hannover Messe 2015, Hänchen introduces the new construction material H-CFRP® for the first time. It is a high load capacity composite of CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) and other components, refined to form the construction material H-CFRP®.

Hänchen is awarded the first place of the Innovationspreis 2015 of the Esslingen district.
The major part of this innovational solution is the development of the new construction material H-CFRP®:
+ round components, high load capacity in three dimensions
+ high-tensile CFRP/metal bond
+ hard, leak-tight and wear-resistant surface

Market launch of H-CFRP
2017: Custom test machines

Expansion of the product range with customised hydraulic test stands, made to customer specifications: from engineering to the final product.

2017: Production expansion in Oettingen

Expansion of the existing production hall in Oettingen, Bavaria by a sawing centre and a storage tower that can store up to 200 tons of material.

production hall in Oettingen
2018: Servoseal® sealing element

Introduction of the Servoseal® sealing system for cover and piston where our H-CFRP® competence comes into play.

2021: A new name

Herbert Hänchen GmbH & Co. KG becomes Herbert Hänchen GmbH.

2023: Change in the management

Matthias Hänchen retires from the management for private reasons. Tanja and Stefan Hänchen continue to lead the company as a twosome.

Data & Facts

  • industrial branch: machine tools, special machine tools, Hydraulics
  • established in: 1925
  • turnover: 20 million EUR
  • number of staff: more than 200

  • training: 10 % of staff are trainees
  • R&D: 14 % of staff are in construction and R&D
  • vertical range of manufacturing: 80 % and 100 % manufacturing in Germany
  • export ratio: Direct export ratio 40 %

  • subsidiary plant: Herbert Hänchen GmbH, Oettingen/Bavaria
  • sales force: 5 sales representatives in Germany
  • branch offices: Authorised branch offices in another 24 countries


  • general machine tools, special machine tools
  • plastic injection-moulding machines, plastic blow-moulding machines
  • transfer lines, welding machines, banknote printing machines
  • drilling rigs, shipbuilding, steel construction for hydraulic engineering, sluice gates
  • test plants for car and aircraft manufacturers
  • simulators, special vehicles, robots
  • presses, high-voltage circuit breakers



3 subsidiaries:

  • Hänchen Hydraulik AG, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
  • Haenchen Hydraulique S.A.R.L., Wingersheim les quatre Bans, France
  • Haenchen (Shanghai) Hydraulic equipment Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China