This distinguishes these applications:
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Saving energy during production
  • Locking individual axles
  • Protection against system damage

Airplane wing test stand for simulating the airstream
Industrial hydraulic cylinder, clamping device

In test stands at Airbus in Bremen, Hänchen hydraulic cylinders have proven themselves in system tests. Airbus – this name stands for the highest safety standards, and for an association of European locations that share research, development and production.
Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic complete solution in a rolling mill
Drive system Ratio-Drive®, industrial hydraulic cylinder, clamping device

At 12 m/s, the redhot steel rods are transported out of the finishing roll block onto the cooling bed. Start-stop shears cut the rolled strands to cooling bed length. The functional reliability of these processes essentially depends on the precise interaction of the individual technical assemblies.
Control circuit

Positioning concrete while processing it in a sanding machine
Industrial hydraulic cylinder, clamping device

A precondition for precise grinding of the finished parts is their fixation during processing. Hänchen hydraulic cylinders and clamps guarantee an exact fixation to an accuracy of 0.01 mm during processing despite the weight and size of the blanks.

Industrial hydraulic cylinder with clamping device