This distinguishes us:
  • For high frequencies, small amplitudes
  • Cost-efficient variants thanks to variable piston
  • Test hydraulic actuators for every application
  • Energy-efficient test hydraulic actuators

Test stand for seals and rod surfaces
Servo hydraulic cylinder

Hänchen not only tests its own sealing systems, guiding systems and rod surfaces, meanwhile we design and produce servo hydraulic test stands for the research and industrial sectors. The test stands are realised electrically or hydraulically depending on the requirements.
Servo hydraulic cylinder

Large-size bearing test stand for wind energy installations
Test hydraulic actuator

Servo hydraulic actuators for test systems by Hänchen drive one of the largest bearing test stands worldwide. Around 40 GW of wind energy capacity installed annually worldwide. Increasingly larger systems are used for this: 5 MW are standard today in the offshore sector, and the 6 MW limit has already been reached.
Test hydraulic actuator

Airplane wing test stand for simulating the airstream
Servo hydraulic cylinder, clamping unit

In test stands at Airbus in Bremen, Hänchen hydraulic cylinders have proven themselves in system tests. Airbus – this name stands for the highest safety standards, and for an association of European locations that share research, development and production.
Image of a Hänchen servo hydraulic cylinder

Servohydraulic test stand for seats of the automotive industry
Test hydraulic actuator

Servohydraulic lifecycle tests are also the current industry standard for automobile components that are used far beyond safety-related structural elements. The challenge for such testing facilities lies in bringing together widely varying technologies at the highest level.

Servo hydraulic cylinder series 320

Material test for extended time tests of aircrafts
Test hydraulic actuator

Turbulence can cause the wing tips of the A 340-600 to move over four metres. The aeroplane is moved by 94 Hänchen hydraulic cylinders which form the core mechanical components of a time accelerator test, which simulates over a period of 18 months the sequences of movements of the entire life-span of an aeroplane lasting 25 - 30 years.

Test hydraulic actuator