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Manufacturer of industrial hydraulic cylinder, test actuator and rod clamping unit

Qualitative products and engineering for individual cases has always been our strength. As a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, Hänchen has made a good name for itself over many years. Since 1925, we have gained comprehensive know-how in the fields of hydraulic actuators, special machine construction and testing technology. Benefit from our experience when selecting the right solution for your application.

We offer the complete service package: consulting, engineering, realization, and commissioning.
You can find our products in many industries: Industrial hydraulics, steel/rolling mill, foundry, testing technology, automotive, railroad technology, machine tools, plastic injection/blowing machines, presses.
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Industrial hydraulic cylinders for machines and systems

Hänchen is manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic cylinders for every field of application. Our cylinders' quality characteristics in a nutshell: high control accuracy, long service life, low-maintenance, low-friction, robust, and a compact construction.

You can buy different types of hydraulic cylinders, our range includes:

Industrial hydraulic cylinders
Standard hydraulic cylinders - DIN/ISO
Servo hydraulic actuators
Custom hydraulic cylinders

High-quality industrial hydraulic cylinders need a basis of accuracy down to the last detail. Quality without compromise is our policy for the production of our hydraulic cylinder. Three good reasons to opt for Hänchen hydraulic cylinders:

80 % vertical integration. 100 % made in Germany. 100 % quality.

Servo actuators for test machines and industrial facilities

Hänchen builds special hydraulic cylinders for use in test machines. Test hydraulic actuators are perfect for highly dynamic industrial and testing tasks, such as material stress test stands for aircraft components.

Industrial applications

  • friction welding
  • ingot oscillation
  • sintered metal compression

Test tasks

  • testing the functional reliability of systems, component parts, or products
  • structure tests for aircraft, vehicle exhaust systems, refrigerating compressors
  • stress and movement simulation, e.g. operational and flight profiles

The working areas of these hydraulic cylinders are individually adjustable so that they can be perfectly adapted to your application. The advantage: low operating costs, higher energy efficiency.

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Clamping device, locking device, rod locking

The patented clamping device Ratio-Clamp® holds the rod in a standstill and locks it into position mechanically. It is TÜV-certified and clamps down immediately, for unlimited periods of time, and without requiring any energy. 100% reliable!

This clamping head is used e.g. in mechanical and plant engineering

  • hydraulic pressing, optionally with DGUV test certification
  • casting machines
  • production processes

But also in multi-axle test stands for locking individual axles, or in ferries for locking the bow and stern doors.

If necessary, we can also develop a customized solution for you.

Hydraulic pressure transformers and fluid transformers

If certain processes require more or less force or a different fluid; pressure transducers and fluid transformers are a quick and cost-efficient solution.

Pressure intensifier
Pressure reducer
Fluid separator

The secondary side can use almost all fluids, such as water, emulsions, or AdBlue.

Machine elements as unique single pieces

Years of experience in constructing and manufacturing for special purpose machinery have also broadened our expertise in the field of machine elements.

Our palette for machine elements includes

rods, shafts and axles
sealing systems and guiding elements
mounting elements

Our strength is your gain! Our production structure allows us to make unique single pieces or small batches. We can design individual machine elements for you, or manufacture them according to your engineering drawings.

Product configurator HÄKO

Our interactive Hänchen configurator HÄKO permits the individual configuration of our products – a perfect fit for your application. Available right now

industrial hydraulic cylinders with/without sensor technology
test hydraulic actuators with/without sensor technology
clamping devices
accessories and equipment

The advantages of HÄKO are obvious:

  • communicative, you get the exact data sheets immediately, and you can request 3D-CAD data or a quote based directly on your configuration.
  • user-friendly, you are flexible in your configuration and can change any characteristic at any time; more than 1,000,000 product variants are available.
  • consulting, design assistants and calculation diagrams for hydraulic cylinders and test cylinders are available, and you will get the necessary technical information for every characteristic you define with a single click.
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Look into the book

Which hydraulic actuator for my application? How to configure it? What is to consider, regarding to the Machinery Directive? Klaus Wagner's book answers these and other questions.

Video Tutorial

Take a look at our tutorial on how to change the seals on a Hänchen hydraulic cylinder for the cover Servocop® or basic design. A step-by-step guide with helpful information on how to change seals quickly and easily.

100 % made in Germany. 100 % quality.

The high surface quality and geometrical accuracy of the component parts of every single Hänchen product guarantee a long service life without failure.

In our certified company we create sustainable and future- oriented drive solutions.