This characterises our applications:
  • years of experience
  • application in various sectors
  • durable & reliable: fatigue-rated designs
  • quality industrial hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic linear drive in punching machines and test stands
Custom hydraulic cylinder

You found what you were looking for: When Voith Turbo were looking for a reliable and competent partner for the cylinder of their CLDP hydraulic linear axis, as a supplement to their own cylinder program, they found Hänchen's hydraulic specialists to be the best option to expand their expertise in the field.
Hydraulic linear drive

Single-shaft shredder in recycling systems
Industrial hydraulic cylinder

The Pallmann Maschinenfabrik is the leading manufacturer of shredder machines and shredder systems for the synthetic and recycling industry. These are designed according to customer specifications or as standard systems. The company Hänchen is a reliable partner for industrial hydraulic cylinders.
Image of a hydraulic cylinder series 160 and 300

Hydraulic complete solution in a rolling mill
Drive system Ratio-Drive®, industrial hydraulic cylinder, clamping device

At 12 m/s, the redhot steel rods are transported out of the finishing roll block onto the cooling bed. Start-stop shears cut the rolled strands to cooling bed length. The functional reliability of these processes essentially depends on the precise interaction of the individual technical assemblies.
Control circuit ontrol circuit of a drive system

Longitudinal carriage drive in multi-spindle automatic lathe
Industrial hydraulic cylinder

When working with middle to large batches of complex metal workpieces, multi-spindle automatic lathes are used. This results in high demands as regards compact design. Precision higher than 1 μm puts special demands on feed drives, accuracy, speed, power and compactness which these machines have to combine.
Image of a Hänchen industrial hydraulic cylinder

Mould oscillation in a steel mill
Custom hydraulic cylinders

The oscillating movement of the ingot mould, driven by the hydraulic cylinder, ensures an optimum quality and smooth flow of 3 mn tons of high-tech steel every year. The 25t ingot mould hereby oscillates at up to 3 Hz with a random vibration profile.

Custom hydraulic cylinder for Mould oscillation

Positioning concrete while processing it in a sanding machine
Industrial hydraulic cylinder, clamping device

A precondition for precise grinding of the finished parts is their fixation during processing. Hänchen hydraulic cylinders and clamps guarantee an exact fixation to an accuracy of 0.01 mm during processing despite the weight and size of the blanks.
Industrial hydraulic cylinder with clamping device

Pressure diecasting machines in a foundry
Industrial hydraulic cylinder

The company is charged by some of its customers with the task of checking the quality of its safety-relevant components on its own and then delivering them straight to the assembly line. One of these components, which must fulfil the most stringent of requirements, is the industrial hydraulic cylinder for the pressure die-casting systems.

Industrial hydraulic cylinder serie 120

Folding machine for the automotive industry
Industrial hydraulic cylinder, standard hydraulic cylinder DIN/ISO

It happens in 20 seconds: The outer and the inner section of a vehicle door are positioned precisely to one another in the folding system; the components are in their original positions. In the initial stage, the so-called preliminary folding stage, the folding flange of the outer part is adjusted by approximately 45 degrees.
Industrial hydraulic cylinder serie 250

Our expertise in the design and manufacture of high-quality hydraulic cylinders
as well as clamping units and pressure intentifieres

We have a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, which you can configure yourself in our HÄKO configurator. We are also pleased to support and advise you in your selection. And if you want something special, we can customise our cylinders to your application.

We have been producing hydraulic cylinders since 1952 and love to master even the most difficult requirements. We therefore have a high level of expertise in the design and manufacturing of high-quality hydraulic cylinders.

Hänchen stands for:

Expertise hydraulic cylinder

Our products are state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and reliable. We achieve this with our highly competent employees who are specialised in their field.

Integrity hydraulic cylinder

Haenchen fulfils its role as a consultant with integrity and transparency. We always look for the best solution in the interests of our customers.

Quality hydraulic cylinder

Our machinery is carefully selected and constantly expanded to ensure high production quality. This enables us to achieve durable and robust products.

Relability hydraulic cylinder

We design our products for a long service life in terms of use and maintenance. You can still get spare parts and support from us even years later.