Your advantages:
  • small batches and unique single pieces
  • individual solutions
  • various production technologies from one source
  • technical consulting

Rods, shafts, axles
Small batches and unique single pieces

Passion for high-quality rods and shafts needs as a basis attention to detail. For our production, we make no compromises on quality, giving you every reason to choose Hänchen products. 80% vertical integration. 100% made in Germany. 100% quality.
Rods, shafts,  axles
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Sealing systems, guiding elements
Small batches and unique single pieces
Exactly what you need: Our large engineering team is there for you – with decades of experience in the development and creation of special solutions. From conventional sealing technology to hydrostatic bearings – we're happy to provide advice and assistance.
sealing systems, guiding elements
Mounting elements
Small batches and unique single pieces
Since 1925, when we started designing hydraulic cylinders, Hänchen has been manufacturing precise mounting elements. Right from the beginning, we have made it a priority to realize individual solutions – whatever you need for your application.
Mounting elements
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