That's what sets us apart:
  • Complete, turnkey test benches
  • Customer orders are realized tailor-made
  • Safety concepts up to PLe
  • Users and developers of testing machines

Figure 1 The test cell for hydraulic products is software-controlled.
Figure 2 Each test procedure is initiated from a bar code on the test specimen. Then the automatic test procedure starts.

Technical data of the test centre

  • Maximum precisely configurable hydraulic pressure up to 500 bar, realized by the use of pressure intensifiers
  • Maximum adjustable flow rate up to 30 l/min
  • Oil used: HLPD46


  • Radial piston pump 30 kW
  • Monitoring of oil temperature and level
  • Pressure monitoring


  • Touch displays
  • Frequency converter for motor control
  • Beckhoff control system

Software and safety-related technology

  • Software created by Hänchen
  • Monitored test stand doors
  • Safety concept according to PLe

Test centre for hydraulic products
Anyone who knows the products of the company Hänchen knows that they stand for highest quality. This begins with the consultation on for example hydraulic cylinders in order to select with the customer the product perfectly configured for his/her application. A decisive factor thereafter is the correct and careful design, the choice of the right materials and experience in selecting the purchased components suitable for the application. In the production process, the hydraulic cylinder passes through many production steps that ensure that the cylinder or other product from Hänchen is manufactured with precision. In order to verify this quality standard, all products are 100% tested on the end-of-line test stand after assembly and the results are documented.

The test software written by Hänchen accesses data from the ERP system and thus automatically sets the correct parameters, such as test pressure and speed. At the end of the test, data such as pressure and speed are recorded by the program in a test certificate and archived in the corresponding customer files of the document management system (DMS). There the document can be called up and passed on to the customer if required. Each test procedure can thus be compared and reproduced. A mounting fixture that was specially adapted to Hänchen's typical test specimens enables better and safer handling. It allows components, such as a hydraulic cylinders with an outer diameter of 25 - 500 mm, to be securely fixed. The length of the test cell was designed for a maximum component length of 2.50 m. Larger components can also be connected and tested outside the test cell.

Ratio-Drive® by Hänchen

  • More than half a century of expertise in hydraulics and seals
  • Extensive experience with hydraulic and electric drive systems
  • Experience in systematic individual design and implementation of customer projects and machine elements
  • Measurement and automatic control engineering, real-time control, measurement acquisition, sensor technology, fieldbus connection and evaluation
  • In-house development of modular software including graphical user interface for control and regulation, and for process level communication
  • Planning and implementation of test machines and test stands
  • Extensive safety concepts up to PLe according to Machinery Directive, CE compliance, safety-related software

Experience both in-house and at customer locations
The foundation was laid by internal product development and research, for which test stands were built and developed. This many years of experience makes Hänchen a reliable partner for test rigs that are tailor-made to the customer's specifications. For Hänchen these are "Ratio-Drive® projects", individual drive solutions where the customer has only one contact person for the entire project. Such a solution can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's own systems by means of customer-defined interfaces and is based on an integrated concept. Energy efficiency plays a special role here.

Important steps on the way to becoming a supplier of complete testing machines were in-house and customer projects. This reflects many years of development - starting with cylinder construction, extended by electronics such as sensors for measuring position and force. This was followed by complete drive axles. Through this experience as a system supplier, the company from Ostfildern near Stuttgart learned what the market needs. That is why the company also offers complete machines including axis, rack and machine elements.

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