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Applications of hydraulic cylinders in shipbuilding

Hänchen has been supplying hydraulic cylinders to a wide variety of industries since 1952. We use this broad know-how in the further development of our standard program as well as in the development of special cylinders. After all, special applications require tailor-made solutions.

Hydraulic cylinders for operational safety and for steering

Rowing machines

Rudder blades are controlled by hydraulic rudder adjustment cylinders in differential and synchronous design. For maximum manoeuvrability of the vessels, low-friction and high-precision positioning of these hydraulic cylinders are particularly important.

Doors and flaps adjustment

Hydraulic flap cylinders are used in shipbuilding to operate doors, gates and hatches. These actuating elements can be equipped with integrated locks that securely lock the piston rods when the pressure drops. Short mounting lengths and individual designs are particularly important here.

Stern flap adjustment

In some cases, ferries and naval vessels are loaded and unloaded via the stern flap. Stern flap cylinders with a watertight ball-cardanic system are used to adjust this flap.

Hydraulic cylinders for deck superstructures


A davit is a crane-like device for lowering tender and lifeboats of ships as well as for floating platforms or jetskis. The cranes - some of which can also be swivelled - are attached to the side near the ship's wall or at the stern and moved via hydraulic cylinders.

Ship access systems

Entering and leaving a ship is done via stern and side gangways or yacht ladders. These are extended and retracted by hydraulic cylinders.

Lifting floors

Lifting floors are used on yachts in the pool area. They can be used to adjust the pool depth individually or to close the pool completely in order to use the area as a party deck. Hydraulic cylinders move a scissor lift system underneath the pool floor. They are always surrounded by pool water (fresh or salt water) and are operated exclusively with water hydraulics.

Technical features
Hydraulic cylinders for yachts and naval vessels

Sea water, salt water air, long downtimes. Such extreme conditions are no problem for hydraulic cylinders from Hänchen,
in use for maritime applications.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, DUPLEX steel, Niro
  • Certification: DNV-GL and other acceptance regulations
  • Material certificates
  • Corrosion protection for seawater resistance
  • Integrated position transducer system
  • Incl. velocity fuse and counterbalance valve
  • Hydraulic pressure: up to 320 bar
  • Dimensions: Bore up to 300 mm, stroke up to 6,000 mm
Do you have any questions or do you need an individual hydraulic cylinder?We will be happy to advise you - also in a personal meeting.
Specially for yachts

Super yachts, luxury yachts and mega yachts are built as one-offs individually according to the ideas of their owners. Hydraulic cylinders that are installed here in the visible area have special requirements in terms of aesthetics in addition to functionality. It goes without saying that we meet these requirements:

  • Painting as desired in white RAL 9003
  • Lamination of weld seams
  • Stainless steel bead blasted
  • Stainless steel polished to the highest yachting standard
Hydraulic cylinder with locking
Hydraulic cylinder with lowering brake valve
Specially for marine

Grey vessels are needed for reconnaissance, surveillance to deterrence and protection. Here the hydraulic cylinders are often customised to the respective application. The small and compact design of the Hänchen cylinders is an advantage here. Further requirements for the hydraulic cylinders are, for example:

  • Painted as desired in grey RAL 7000
  • Anodised piston rods for camouflage
  • Low noise level incl. peripheral components
  • External pressure resistance for deep-sea applications up to 160 bar and more
  • Smooth-running, shock-resistant, stainless steel design

Options for piston fixation

Clamping of the rod may be necessary for handling or safety reasons. Hänchen offers two different technical solutions, which can be individually adapted to your requirements.

1. Locking cylinder
This is a locking device integrated in the hydraulic cylinder. This can be realised via jaws inserted radially to the cylinder axis, which lock the end position of the cylinder when the piston rod is extended. The locking and unlocking is done actively-hydraulically.

2. Element clamping unit
The hydraulically unlockable clamping unit Ratio-Clamp® is a separate product which can be flanged directly to the hydraulic cylinder or installed parallel to it. The clamping unit can serve as a safety element, as it locks the piston rod in the event of a pressure drop - at any point. Here you can find out more about the clamping unit as a locking element.