Support for your hydraulic system
  • Advice for individual hydraulic cylinders
  • Engineering and project planning of complex drive systems
  • Design on your site or at one of our locations

Control block for your machine safety
Hydraulic controls for machines and systems

Hydraulic control systems must be designed in such a way that, as far as possible, there is no danger to people or the environment. Such control functions in hydraulic systems are implemented with hydraulic blocks in which the necessary valves and control units are compactly housed.
Control block
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Vibration sound dampers
Hydraulic noise damper

Machines or aggregates whose function is impaired by unchecked vibrations can cause serious consequential damage or cost-intensive downtimes. The hydraulic vibration dampers from Hänchen prevent the development of such vibrations.
Vibration sound dampers

Breather vent plugs and exhaust port filters
Air filter

If hydraulic cylinder housings or other oil chambers are not pressurised, there is a risk of foreign bodies getting into the interior of hydraulic systems through inflowing air. These can cause major damage. This can be prevented with exhaust port filters that allow the air to escape.
Breather vent plugs
Rotary Union
For fluid transport in rotating components
The multi-channel rotary feedthrough offers a solution for the transfer of fluids between a fixed and a rotating assembly. These are particularly used in machines and other precise, fast-rotating systems. The fluid is fed into rotating channels and passes through these into the rotating body. Possible fields of application:
  • Coolant supply in tool spindles
  • Supply of hydraulic cylinders on rotating portals
Rotary Union