Advantages of H-CFRP®:
  • H-CFRP® is lightweight
  • H-CFRP® is non-magnetic
  • H-CFRP® does not corrode
  • H-CFRP® does not expand
  • H-CFRP® is bending-resistant
  • H-CFRP® is energy-efficient

Carbon composite H-CFRP®
The lightweight construction material for mechanical engineering

Hänchen produces lightweight carbon products using the so-called filament-winding method. Specially developed by Hänchen, this method makes it possible to design H-CFRP® components for mechanical engineering in small batches.
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Lightweight hydraulic cylinders made of H-CFRP®
Hänchen's innovation made of carbon

Hänchen produces lightweight hydraulic cylinders with H-CFRP® piston rods and cylinder tubes in small batches. In mobile and stationary lightweight construction, these reduce the weight by up to 80 %, and enable corrosion-free or non-magnetic designs.
H-CFRP® hydraulic cylinders

H-CFRP® rods and tubes
Machine elements and carbon

Carbon bars, rods and tubes made of H-CFRP® are designed and produced in small batches using the filament winding method. Continuous fibers sitting tightly and closely together are used to construct high load capacity round components, with pressure-resistant & liquid-tight H-CFRP® surface, with high-tensile bond between CFRP & metal.
Carbon bobbin