Hänchen test machines are used for testing components for:
  • tensile strength and stiffness
  • reliability and service life
  • torsion and tension
  • wear
  • friction
  • functionality

Fields of application
Our abilities

Rubber industry > test stand

Conveyor belts or snow cat tracks are tested on special test stands for suitability.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
By retrofitting the existing system, it is possible to simulate tensile stresses of up to 150 kN at 1 Hz to determine functional and wear properties.

  • Customised software including safety control
  • Visualisation for test stand operation
Mechanical engineering > test machine

The end-of-line machines subject each finished hydraulic cylinder to a final inspection.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
The respective sequence of the pressure test starts automatically after the product bar code has been scanned. The hydraulic pressure supply is designed for 480 bar.

  • Connection to the ERP system
  • Automatic data collection
Automotive > test machine

The vehicle steering test stand simulates loads that occur during the journey.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
The axial load introduction is performed by cylinders. Sine movements of 2 mm at 50 Hz as well as freely definable setpoint curves simulate the load.

  • Connection of the customer-side measuring system
  • Hydraulic accumulator system for acoustic measurements
Heating engineering > test facility

The material testing machine serves for testing water accumulators for heating systems.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
Pulsation of up to 20 Hz at 20 bar is applied to the test specimen via a pressure reducer. Normal tap water is used as the test medium.

  • Integration in the process control computer
  • Installation in an existing system
Shipbuilding > test stand

The heavy load test stand tests the hydrostatic plain bearings of a ship's shaft for pod drives.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
Hydraulic cylinders simulate the axial and radial loading of the ship's shaft up to 2.5 MN. The shaft is driven by an electric motor.

  • Synchronous measurement acquisition
  • Connection of the customer-side measuring system

Video on the radial bearings for POD drives and for the servo-hydraulic axle, created by Hänchen:

How we collaborate with you

At Hänchen, you will not buy an "off the peg" servo hydraulic test machine. We will build a test stand to your precise requirements. Good and reliable cooperation and coordination is our key to mutual success.

We are flexible: We will deliver complete turnkey test machines. We can even take care of just a partial function of your test system and deliver a partly completed machine according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, including compliance with all legal standards.


We will have a personal conversation with you, take note of your requirements, clarify which interfaces are needed, define how far we can use your existing equipment and decide which modules we will develop for you.

Learn more about our engineering services.


For more than 20 years, Hänchen has provided solutions ranging from software for custom development of individual functions through to fully featured plant controls. The software only contains the modules you need. This reflects not only in the price, but also in the simple integration into your existing system.

  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) - as a panel or on PC/IPC
  • Real-time system - Communication with the process level
  • Connection to the Intranet/network
  • Control software and safe control on Beckhoff system

Learn more about our software.

Safety features and documentation

A risk analysis is carried out in accordance with the CE conformity assessment procedure, and the relevant safety features are mapped in the software. The risk analysis defines what needs to be done so that the machine poses no danger to people.

  • according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Risk assessment according to DIN EN ISO 12100
  • Safety features according to DIN EN ISO 13849
  • Electric and Hydraulic diagrams
  • Installation/operating manual
  • Software Documentation
  • Acceptance test report
Mechanical design

If you need a complete test machine, we take care of the mechanical design. You therefore receive everything from one source.

  • Mechanical layout and design
  • Execution in steel or as a lightweight design
  • Assembly and test setup at Hänchen
  • On-site installation