Our software includes:
  • HMI (human-machine interface)
  • control software for drive axles
  • sequence control
  • communication with the customer's computers
  • safety software

Software properties

You specify the interface, and we write the software for your drive technology. Regardless of whether we communicate with your PLC, or whether you need a stand-alone system.


HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • visualization of the entire system or parts thereof
  • power pack control


Automatic control software for drive axes

  • PID controller
  • servo-control
  • acceleration feedback


Sequence control

  • implementation of operational sequences

Safety software

  • monitoring of the entire system or parts thereof
  • PLe (Performance Level e)


Communication with the customer’s computer

  • via field bus (EtherCat, Ethernet, Profibus, etc.)
  • analog signals


Software system solutions

Our system libraries are the basis for individual solutions. Due to the modular structure, specific applications can be quickly developed from a simple basic system.

Basis System
The PID control system, whose parameters can be adjusted with little effort

  • uniaxial PID controller
  • parameterization via PC without special software
  • web interface on the controller
  • setpoint setting via external control


Individual Software
Exactly fitting your application

  • adapted to the customer’s application
  • up to n axes
  • controller structure according to system requirements
  • as stand-alone systems or integrated in the plant


Standard System
The control software, featuring various motion sequences

  • PC user interface
  • software controller
  • setpoint setting (sinus, triangle, rectangle, freely definable set curve)
  • recording of measured values
  • oscilloscope function