Most notable advantages of retrofitting:
  • increased production volume
  • increased product quality
  • higher energy efficiency of the system
  • guaranteed availability of spare parts
  • resource-friendly
  • reduced investment costs in
    comparison to a new installation

Retrofit with Hänchen
Your partner for plant modernisation

What does retrofitting mean for your machines?

Retrofitting means the modernisation or upgrading of existing, usually older, machines, plants and working equipment. Plant modernisation is often more sensible and cost-efficient than a new construction. Some advantages of retrofitting:

  • Existing machines and plants are brought up to date.
  • Fulfilling legal requirements, such as the operational safety act.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Lower costs in comparison with buying a new system.
  • Existing basic structures, such as foundations, are kept.
  • No high investment costs.
  • Less cost and effort for training, since the personnel is mostly familiar with the machine.

Why retrofit with Hänchen?

With years of experience in drive system engineering, we can make your machinery fit for the future.

  • We are very flexible.
  • We have extensive know-how regarding the choice of components.
  • Programming individual software is one of our core competences.
  • We adapt to your wishes and observe the actual conditions.

How do we work?
Course of action for a machine modernisation

Together with you, we plan and project the necessary remodeling steps.

  • Replacement of component parts for which spare parts are no longer available.
  • Selection of components in terms of their function and energy efficiency.
  • Retrofitting or upgrading of the automation technology.
  • Creation of individual software.
  • Compilation of documentation conforming to the law.


Hänchen offers sector-independent and individual retrofitting. For example:

  • brake slide for a cooling bed in a rolling mill
  • hydraulic systems in test facilities
  • transport system for structural-grade steel billets
  • dockside cranes
  • aligning axles in a sheet mill
  • strip-casting equipment in a steel mill