This distinguishes us:
  • only one contact person
  • seamless incorporation in your application
  • energy-efficient components
  • custom-tailored solution
  • consistent concept
  • you define the interfaces

Fields of application

Steel mill > production

The ingot oscillation system prevents the metal from adhering to the ingot mould wall during the cooling process.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
At an amplitude of 5 mm and a frequency of up to 5 Hz, four cylinders move the ingot mould in the controlled sine. The high-precision double-rod deviation is max. 50 μm.

  • Special I&C technology
  • Connection to central hydraulics
Mechanical engineering > production

The end-of-line machines subject each finished hydraulic cylinder to a final inspection.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
The respective sequence of the pressure test starts automatically after the product bar code is scanned. The hydraulic pressure supply is designed for 480 bar.

  • Connection to the ERP system
  • Automatic data collection
Automotive > test machine

The vehicle steering test stand simulates loads that occur during the journey.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
The axial load introduction is performed by cylinders. Sine movements of 2 mm at 50 Hz as well as freely definable setpoint curves simulate the load.

  • Connection of the customer-side measuring system
  • Hydraulic accumulator system for acoustic measurements
Heating engineering > test facility

The material testing machine serves for testing water accumulators for heating systems.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
Pulsation of up to 20 Hz at 20 bar is applied to the test specimen via a pressure reducer. Normal tap water is used as the test medium.

  • Integration in the process control computer
  • Installation in an existing system
Shipbuilding > test stand

 The heavy load test stand tests the hydrostatic plain bearings of a ship's shaft for pod drives.

Technical implementation and Hänchen share
Hydraulic cylinders simulate the axial and radial loading of the ship's shaft up to 2.5 MN. The shaft is driven by an electric motor.

  • Synchronous measurement acquisition
  • Connection of the customer-side measuring system

Video of the radial bearing for POD drives and the servo-hydraulic axis, realized by Hänchen:

Functions and modules
Drive system Ratio-Drive®

As varied as your tasks, requirements, or ideas may be, as versatile is our drive system. Based on your work environment, our experts help you to choose the modules you're still missing, regardless of which or how many components you already have. Thanks to our modular system, we can offer individual components as well as complete systems that allow subsequent expansion or retrofitting.

Project management for drive system
  • engineering/project
  • project implementation
  • commissioning
  • after-Sales-Service

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Drive technology
  • Hydraulic drive unit
    hydraulic cylinder, slew motor, clamping device Ratio-Clamp®, pressure intensifier
  • Electric actuator
    asynchronous motor, synchronous motor, linear motor
  • Sensors
    for Position force, pressure, speed, celeration
  • Hydraulic pressure supply
    pumps, valves, filter technology, cooling technology, tank, monitoring
  • Energieeffizienz
    speed-controlled pumps, IE3 energy-saving motors, storage technology
Connection engineering
  • Hydraulics
    valves, piping, control/switch-on blocks, storage systems
    Ventile, Verrohrung, Steuer-/Anschaltblöcke, Speichersysteme
  • Electronics
    wiring (from completely wired to delivery of individual cables), current distribution
  • Mechanics
    mechanical connection of drive unit to the customer’s system
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • control software for drive axes
  • sequence control
  • communication with the customers
  • safety software

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Instrumentation & control
  • Measuring, controlling, regulating
    scalable processing power for small and very large systems , completely modularized structure, free choice of network topology , integrated safety control
  • Measurement engineering
    integrated in IPC or embedded PC , high sampling rates of up to 30 kHz, high resolution of up to 24 bit
  • Electrical power control
    control of electric motors of all power classes , power electronics for hydraulic power packs
Safety engineering
  • Design
    in accordance with EU machinery directive, up to and including PLe, access monitoring, emergency stop, etc
  • Documentation
    risk assessment/safety concept, operating instructions, declaration of incorporation or conformity, PL verification after risk assessment
  • Plant monitoring
    hydraulic power pack, access control (door locks, light barriers etc.), plant condition

Possible applications for Ratio-Drive® Automatic control engineering: Examples

With Ratio-Drive® you can realize the most complex control structures – with hydraulic as well as with electromechanical drives.

Intelligent control technology allows you to increase the performance of your drive, to control forces with greatest accuracy, and reproduce complex process structures. The technology uses software controllers that can easily be parameterized for the application in question via a web interface, and that can also feature very complex control structures.


  • Reproducing independently programmed, measured or synthetic operational profiles
  • Synchronizing the movement of several drives
  • Positioning in the micrometer range
  • Oscillations with prescribed amplitudes, frequencies or accelerations
  • Coupling movement and force of the drive
With Ratio-Drive<sup>®</sup> you can realize the most complex control structures – with hydraulic as well as with electromechanical drives.