This distinguishes our hydraulic cylinders:
  • low friction
  • low wear
  • long service life
  • H7/f7 - clearance fit
  • know-how of sealing systems
  • easy installation

Low friction. Low wear. Long life time.

The high surface quality and geometrical accuracy of the component parts of every single Hänchen cylinder guarantee a long life time without failure.

Honed surfaces

For the best lubrication and running properties and as little wear as possible on cylinders and seals, the cylinders' sliding surfaces are refined with a cross-hatch finish.


Honed surfaces
Current Sealing Technology

The constant development of our sealing systems - by combining already marketed and in-house developed seals - optimise our cylinders regarding wear, friction and leakage.


Current Sealing Technology
H7/f7 – Clearance fit

The guide clearance must be neither too small nor too large. This is why Hänchen places so much importance on optimal accuracy. The result is reduced stress on the guide and thus less wear on the component parts.


H7/f7 – Clearance fit

Three components. One unit. Easy handling.

The fewer component parts a cylinder has, the less accident-prone it is. And the simpler and safer maintenance and installation is. The three main parts of a Hänchen cylinder:

Piston rod

In Hänchen products, piston and piston rod are inseparably joined. The piston is coated with non-ferrous metal, enabling a precise metallic guide. The sophisticated rod ends with rounded edges permit a sealfriendly installation.

Piston rod
Cylinder tube

Round-head design, inseparably welded to the cylinder mounting. Drilled ports permit a space-saving installation with many options for adjustment to various applications.

Hänchen cylinder tube

A cover type perfectly adapted to the requirements is crucial for the life time of the entire cylinder. Special feature: The synthetic guide is permanently integrated, reaches a better load distribution and minimizes the risk of scratches caused by dirt particles.

Hänchen cylinder-cover

Equipment system
Unlimited possibilities.

For the perfect combination, the cover type with the best sealing and guiding system* with matching piston rod quality and the right sealing material is selected based on your application.

  • high temperatures in steel mills,
  • high stress in outdoor applications,
  • hygiene requirements in food processing,
  • tests in salt spray fog, in climatic chambers or in a lab:

We'll tune your cylinder.
Tell us what you need – to make the perfect cylinder, we need to know what you want.

* The recommended cover type also depends on the series
and the piston equipment.


Cover type
Accurate fitting combinations.

Cover type
guiding system

Low level of friction force

Sensitive, free-moving or robust – we have the right cover type for your requirements.


Friction in dependence on sealing and guiding system in the cover

Friction in dependence on sealing and guiding system in the cover

Values measured on the double-rod cylinder (bore 46 mm without seal, piston rod Ø 40 mm) during sine operation according to VDMA24577 at 50 °C/HLPD46. The level of the friction force curves is lower than usual on the market.

The strong point of Hänchen cylinders is their extreme versatility. We provide reliable cylinders with the perfect friction force for your dynamic application case.

The perfect sealing system on the piston
Piston types for test engineering

Beside the selected cover type, the right piston is also crucial for the dynamic movement of the cylinder. We select the right piston for your cover type, exactly meeting your requirements.

Piston types for test engineering

All piston types use the metallic guide.
* applies to cover types Servofloat® and Servobear®, otherwise longer than sealing width.